Készen állsz arra, hogy a változó klimatikus viszonyokra új technológiai választ adj a saját és a teljes társadalom túlélése érdekében?


Van élet szántás nélkül is, sőt, úgy van igazán!

2024. várva várt regeneratív mezőgazdasági rendezvénye közeleg.

Ne maradj le róla!


... and it begins!

Production costs are sky high, purchase prices are low, the weather is hectic... Sound familiar? 

If you don't see the opportunity and the way out, this event is for you!

If you want to stay in the agricultural sector - whether you're a farmer, machinery manufacturer, trader or consultant - you need to change, because the technology and knowledge you're used to will be little or useless in the future.

The transformation of the agricultural sector is already being felt, and everyone should feel it today. The question is whether you want to know the causes and change what you can, because the familiar methodology and traditional or conventional agrotechnology will no longer be profitable in the future. If you don't understand the why, this is the place for you! If you do, you are here to improve your knowledge and efficiency!

A taste of the content

2 action-packed days of regenerative farming

More than 30 renowned speakers, performances on 2 stages simultaneously

Successful practitioners and renowned theoreticians

Diverse national and foreign case studies

800 visitors from a wide spectrum of the agriculture and food industry

The most renowned mechanical engineering manufacturers and dealers at 1000+ nm

Rain simulator tutorial that always wins everyone over

Soil testing live with detailed explanations

A separate room for discussion with the speakers

Dialogue between participants, visitors - by soil type

Introducing the TMG Association, the educational programme

Gastronomic experience: tasting quality regenerative foods


Mit jelent az, hogy TMG REAG VII. Talajélet Konferencia és Szakkiállítás?

This will be the 7th year that TMG, the Soil Renewal Farmers' Association, has organised its conference on regenerative agriculture (REAG is the acronym for regenerative agriculture), and as the number of participants has grown exponentially every year, we thought big and created the first regenerative conference and exhibition in Central Europe. There was no other event on this topic in Central Europe.

The event will offer a truly colourful and useful line-up of presentations from successful practitioners, innovative academic researchers and experts with many years of experience in soil regeneration from home and abroad. In addition, the conference will be complemented by a large machinery exhibition with a wide range of machinery from the most renowned manufacturers of regenerative systems.

Mi a rendezvény célja?

By demonstrating regenerative agriculture, we want to show farmers the way to a sustainable and profitable agriculture. After all, the vision of our association is to make the Carpathian Basin green in winter and summer!

We want to show that there is life without ploughing, and what life is like! We will show you how to grow crops without ploughing, and explain the theoretical and practical elements of this in detail. For many people, in very large areas, the question of how to survive in adverse conditions is a vital one.

By switching to regenerative farming, you can, among other things.

  • csökkenthető az erózió és defláció mértéke;
  • megtartható a 12%-nál nagyobb lejtésű területek támogatása; 
  • csökkenthető az eltöltött munkaóra, az élő munkaerő;
  • kiszámíthatóbb, kiegyenlítettebb lesz a termésszint;
  • műtrágyák és növényvédőszerek felhasználása is fokozatosan csökkenthető;
  • egyszerűsödhet a géppark (idővel);
  • a kopás, amortizáció drasztikusan csökkenthető;
  • az állattartás növénytermesztésbe integrálásával további előnyöket realizálhatunk;
  • megtörhető a növényi monokultúra takarónövényekkel, társas vetéssel;
  • a kockázati tőke is drasztikusan csökkenthető; stb.
… azaz a jövedelmezőség növekedni fog!
Together with this, the soil will be able to renew itself, we will have living soil again. The ever increasing diversity of soil inhabitants will contribute to healthy soil, which will result in healthy plants. And healthy plants will produce healthy food, which will lead to healthy people. 
It's that simple! And it's also wonderful: the producer's own economic interest is the same as the interest of society as a whole in the long run!

What are the specificities of the event?

  1. The event will feature two stages with parallel performances on both days. There are more than 30 performances. Each performance will end with a 'Q&A' session. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions, as our principle is that there are no wrong questions! Unfortunately, our time is not infinite, so you can continue the discussion after the Q&A session. We will provide a separate room where those who are more interested in the topic and the speakers can continue the discussion.
  2. We will also provide a space for participants to talk to each other and share their experiences. There are banquet tables designated by soil type where you can also talk to TMG farmers. But you can also do this during a delicious lunch.
  3. There are many machine manufacturers exhibiting in a huge area, but here you will only find machines and tools that are in line with regenerative principles.
  4. Both days will also feature spectacular demonstrations. For example, you will be able to see the very popular and spectacular rain simulator, but we will also be doing live soil testing (soil aggregate stability testing). These will give you an insight into how tillage practices affect the physical properties of soils.
  5. The whole event will be recorded, so you don't have to worry about missing anything, because we'll share the footage of the presentation with you after the event.
  6. As an exhibitor at our stands, you will also meet companies and experts who can help you with the technical and organic part of soil renewal.
  7. During the event, you can also reach out to the farmers of the TMG Association, ask for their opinions and help, and learn about our educational programme.
  8. We can't leave out the final product of regenerative agriculture, taste the food produced by regenerative agriculture!

Kiknek szól a rendezvény?

  • For: arable crop farmers, livestock farmers, fruit and plantation farmers, retail gardeners, consultants, people interested in the food industry, academics, students in agricultural education;
  • For farmers who are willing to change and are interested in this topic;
  • For those who are already on this path and want to improve;
  • For advanced farmers who would like to get to know each other and exchange experiences.

Kik azok, akik ne jöjjenek a rendezvényre?


  • akik jövedelmezően termelnek a hagyományos agrotechnikával és úgy gondolják, hogy 5 év múlva és azon túl is rentábilisan tudnak így termelni;
  • akiknek nincs gondjuk az időjárási anomáliákkal;
  • akik meg vannak elégedve a felvásárlási- és input árakkal;
  • akik képtelenek változásra, és meg sem akarják próbálni, inkább a kifogásokat keresik (pl. mert „elődeink is szántottak”). 


Wednesday, 10 January 2024

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9:00 - 10:00


Main stage

Háziasszony: Ormos Gabriella


Attila Szabó

TMG Egyesület elnöke -megnyitóbeszéd


Lajos Kassai


Small stage

Háziasszony: Márkus-Ritzel Ani


András Szunyogh

10:00 - 12:00

Panel discussion with TMG association farmers

Adam Varjú,

as one of our youngest members in South Transdanubia, but also one of our most experimental hosts.

Gellért Kaszás,

is not only one of our farmers in Vojvodina, but also the only direct seeder manufacturer in our association.

Antal Berente,

the moderator of the panel discussion, Vice President of the Soil Renewal Farmers Association, who has been farming on sand for many years with min-till and no-till on 100 hectares.

12:00 - 13:00


13:00 - 15:30

Site visit

- Comparison of soil conditions: 5 years TMMG technology & classical technology.
- Termination of cover crops in 4 ways.
- Sowing maize in NO-TILL and STRIP-TILL.
- TMG Barley View
- TMG rape View
In case of rain, we will prepare presentations with photos and videos.
The organisers reserve the right to change the programme and the dates.
The event will be video, audio and video recorded.



<előadók ABC sorrendben>

Dr. Anikó Juhász

Deputy State Secretary for Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture

A rendezvény háziasszonyai


Who are we?

The TMG Association is a grassroots organisation, the Soil Renewal Farmers Association, founded by a group of enthusiastic farmers who are ready to provide a new technological response to changing climatic conditions for their own survival and that of society as a whole.

<Ide TMG image video beágyazva>

After several years of cooperation and knowledge sharing, we officially became an association in 2018. Our membership is diverse: from one hectare farmer to 1000 hectares. Our members are mainly involved in arable farming, some grow other crops (e.g. vines, fruit, vegetables, lavender) and some are involved in livestock farming. We are also diverse in the sense that some of our members are expatriates from abroad, and some of our members are Hungarians from abroad in the Carpathian Basin. We have organic farmers and conventional farmers, but what we have in common is that none of us plough our fields anymore. We are at different stages of the transition process. Our aim is to help as many farmers as possible to stop farming altogether and really regenerate the soil. 

Why was the idea of a conference and exhibition born?

In the early years of the association's history, we focused our efforts on strengthening the membership base, gathering knowledge, experience and success stories. With nearly a decade of collective work behind us, we are confident that regenerative agriculture is a viable alternative to the destructive agricultural system that currently prevails.

As the farming environment and our natural surroundings change for the worse, the number of farmers looking for a way forward is increasing. We want to offer them an alternative, based mainly on our own experience and by sharing our synthesised knowledge. Our members are regenerative farmers who are well-prepared, successful and therefore credible.

Our previous events

The aim of the TMG Association is to adapt the system of soil regeneration agriculture in Hungary and to enable its successful and efficient application. To this end, the association carries out self-financed experiments and research, and uses the results to produce professional articles and educational materials. In addition, our association is also involved in translating foreign literature into Hungarian and translating professional videos in order to provide our members with the widest possible learning opportunities. We organise professional days, farmers' forums, meetings and conferences for an effective exchange of experience. After all, that's our mission!

Our hands-on farmer forums are organised on the farms of our members and typically attract farmers from the region. We organise an annual conference, which attracts more and more people each year. As last year's conference expressed the need to showcase machinery that can be integrated into the technology, this year we are adding an expo to the event.

Conference attendance is mixed. Based on last year's participants, there are many arable farmers (54%), mixed farmers (23%) and smallholders (12%). The majority are conventional farmers, a small proportion are organic. More and more people say that they produce without rotation, but still a relatively large number say that they produce in the conventional rotation way (20%). So we still have work to do!

Participation fee

The TMG REAG Conference and Exhibition offers you a unique opportunity to put your farming on a profitable path to regeneration. By paying the participation fee, you are not only investing in the hope of ensuring your own survival, but you are also contributing to a good cause: you are contributing to the TMG Association's work to enable it to appear in as many forums as possible and to promote soil regeneration and regenerative agriculture; and to disseminate the educational programme to as many people as possible. 

2023. november 30-ig a napijegy ára egy napra 20 000 Ft, 2 napra összesen 35 000 Ft. 2023. november 30. után a napijegy ára egy napra 25 000 Ft, 2 napra összesen 40 000 Ft.

Megjegyzések: Az ár tartalmazza az ebédet, italfogyasztás nélkül, utóbbi a helyszínen egyénileg fizetendő. Az ebédnél négyfajta menüből lehet választani, amit a jelentkezési lapon kérünk előre jelezni! A TMG Egyesület által kiállított valamennyi számla Általános Forgalmi Adót (ÁFA) nem tartalmaz.


  • All invoices issued by the TMG Association do not include General Sales Tax (VAT).
  • Lunch does not include drinks, which are payable on the spot, individually.
  • For lunch, there are four menus to choose from, please indicate this on the registration form!

Early bird árak – 2023. november 30-ig

Értékeljük a gyorsaságot! – és számodra is hasznos, hiszen az elsők közt garantáltan biztosítod helyed a rendezvényen!
Ft 20,000
  • Napijegy 1 napra, ebéddel együtt

Early bird árak – 2023. november 30-ig

Értékeljük a gyorsaságot! – és számodra is hasznos, hiszen az elsők közt garantáltan biztosítod helyed a rendezvényen!
Ft 35,000
  • Két napra összesen, ebéddel együtt

Részvételi díj – 2023. november 30. után

Ft 25,000
  • Napijegy 1 napra, ebéddel együtt

Részvételi díj – 2023. november 30. után

Ft 40,000
  • Két napra összesen, ebéddel együtt

Two in one go!

Come to the event and be the first no-kill book published in Hungarian! Mykhaylo Draganchuk's No-Till for Beginners is a concise technical book without pictures. It will be useful for those who want to switch to no-till or have been trying for a while but have many questions. In 150 pages, Ukrainian farmer Draganchuk shares his experiences of making the switch to no-till. He shares the knowledge of a number of farmers from different countries who have also successfully gone through the process of adopting this technology.

<Kép a könyvről, esetleg mellé beágyazott video Misi bácsiról>

If you register for the event and order the book at the same time, you can buy it at a discounted price of 10 000 HUF! (You can pick up the book at the TMG Association stand, so you can even save the postage!)  

What is included in the participation fee?

  • Participation in the conference, lectures and programmes (1 or 2 days, according to your choice)
  • Visit the exhibition section
  • A copy of No-Till for Beginners if you choose the Two in One package
  • A recording of the conference will be made and shared with you after the event
  • A delicious lunch, according to your choice (see note below the tables!)
  • Free parking

How can I pay, register?

A „Jelentkezem!” gomb megnyomásával egy jelentkezési űrlapra irányít át a rendszer, ahol az űrlapot kitöltve jelzed felénk jelentkezési szándékod. Jelentkezésed akkor válik véglegessé, ha az űrlapon feltüntetett számlaszámra megérkezik befizetésed. Ekkor befizetésedről e-mailben küldjük meg a számlát. 

Important! Registration cannot be cancelled and the amount paid cannot be refunded!

Extra option

As the event is hosted at Jakarta Airport, there is also the possibility of a small aircraft (Cessna 172/Cessna 182) sightseeing flight to bring smaller groups of friends together even more! The airport can also welcome your business partners from abroad, with a runway length of 800m! 

In one take-off, the plane can carry 3 passengers, and a smaller round trip takes 15 minutes. Available destinations: Hungary, Bugacpusztaháza, etc. Price: 36.000 HUF+VAT/lap/15 min. Please indicate your request on the application form and we will forward it to Jakarta Airport. Important! We cannot accept requests after 15 December 2023.

Exact location and time of the conference


Jaka, Airport

Date of

10 - 11 January 2024.

On-site registration

Both days 9:00 - 9:45


10 January 2024 10:00

Visiting hours

Daily 10:00 - 17:00


In 3 time slots, indicated by the colour of the wristband you will receive on entry.  

It is forbidden to record the presentations and the advertised programmes at the event!


TMG is short for Soil Restoration Farmers, from the name of the association that organises the event. REAG stands for 'regenerative agriculture'.

If you feel that our farming and natural environment is changing negatively, and that this is having a negative impact on your farming, we can show you a workable way out. This is exactly what we will be exploring at the conference. If you are open to change and change is what you are looking for, this is definitely the place for you!

A ’Jelentkezem!’ gomb megnyomásával egy jelentkezési űrlapra irányít át a rendszer, ahol az űrlapot kitöltve jelzed felénk jelentkezési szándékod. Jelentkezésed akkor válik véglegessé, ha az űrlapon feltüntetett számlaszámra megérkezik befizetésed. Ekkor befizetésedről e-mailben küldjük meg a számlát. Fontos! Jelentkezést lemondani nem lehet, a befizetett összeget visszafizetni nem áll módunkban!

Our list of exhibitors is full, but please contact us by email at info@tmg.hu if you would like to be put on the waiting list. Thank you!

Given the professional nature of the event, we believe that children would not be sufficiently engaged by the rich programme for adult professionals. However, we are aware that we may have visitors who will be accompanied by their children. You must take full responsibility for your child, the exhibition area is a dangerous establishment. We are not able to offer a child discount, they are also subject to a full goods participation fee.

Jakabszállás is about 18 km by car from Kecskemét, we recommend you to look for accommodation here!

The presentations and programmes will be held in a heated indoor space, the machinery exhibition space will be partly in a tent (heated) and partly outdoors. Access to the site is by asphalt road. It is hoped that adverse weather conditions will not affect the event.

There could be several reasons. You may not have entered your email address correctly when registering. Alternatively, since it's a human being sending the feedback, rather than an automated system, it may take some time for the confirmation message to arrive. For example, if you register in the evening, at night or at dawn, you can expect to receive a reply in the morning. But if you get stuck anywhere in the process or are in doubt about anything, call the number provided during the day.

No dogs or other animals are allowed at the event!

If you can't find the answer to your question on this page, please email info@tmg.hu our colleague will be happy to answer!

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Dr. Anikó Juhász

Deputy State Secretary for Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture

Anikó Juhász is Deputy State Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture from 2018. Between 2015-2017 she was Director General of AKI (Agricultural Research Institute, Budapest). She graduated from the University of Horticulture and Food Industry (1997) and obtained her PhD degree from the Doctoral School of Business and Management at Szent István University (2010). She has 17 years of experience in the field of food supply chains and related policy research, with a special focus on the Common Agricultural Policy. He has been project and programme evaluator for calls for proposals under the EU Research Framework Programmes relevant to agriculture since 2012. Co-Chair of the EU Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) Strategic Working Group on Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS SWG) 2017-2022.