Vitália Víg, soil ecologist, microbiologist, compost expert, permaculture designer and environmental engineer. Her vocation is to bring soils back to life. She is an eternal student, curious researcher and passionate educator. Soil health, soil-plant microbiome, composting, compost-based soil and plant stimulants are just a few of the topics he helps farmers and gardeners embarking on the path to regeneration. He also conducts research on these topics at the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

He is determined to translate science into accessible language, bringing farmers closer to the mysterious and fascinating world of soils. His love of soils infected him at the University of Maryland, where he learned the fundamentals of soil science and sustainable agriculture from some of the most sought-after professors and colleagues. Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web school in the US helped him to fill in the missing links and understand the inextricable link between the triad of chemistry-physics-biology.

The holistic view of permaculture has made him realise that instead of profit-hungry pseudo-solutions to environmental and agricultural problems, problems need to be tackled at their roots, in accordance with the laws and patterns of nature. This approach has guided Vitália's decades of teaching and recent years of consultancy work. And it's why she stands with regenerative farmers as our only chance to reverse the global degradation of soils.

Member of the Research and Development Committee,
Member of the Communications Committee