Attila Kökény

Attila Kökény started farming in 2010 with the principles of soil life and direct seeding based soil regeneration agriculture.

After completing a number of international courses, he has continued his educational work in regenerative farming since 2015. Thousands of people have attended his lectures, sowing the seeds of environmentally sustainable agriculture from Transylvania to Vojvodina and the Highlands.

In addition to his own smallholding, he has gained extensive experience in managing the production of hundreds of hectares of organic and conventional farms.
In collaboration with ÖMKI, he has been involved for years in the cultivation and selection of modern wheat varieties for extensive cultivation, and his blended table wheat is a popular product among artisan bakers.

In 2017, he was selected as a finalist in the Agri-Innovation category as the Audience Award Winner of the Year. Invited to contribute to the national climate strategy and the new CAP guidelines, TMMG's benefits in soil protection, agricultural carbon sequestration and water management will hopefully be widely applied, which could be vital in the desertification region of Central Hungary.

Designed and manufactured based on practical experience, the RAD seed drill provides an affordable solution for direct seeding on small farms of less than a few hundred hectares.

The founder of the idea of soil renewal agriculture in Hungary,
TMG association founder