The agriculture of the future
is about regenerating the soil.


Not just for beginners...

Mykhaylo Draganchuk's book in Hungarian, No-Till for Beginners, was published thanks to the members of the TMG Association, who led the translation, took care of the proofreading and financed the whole project.

The Ukrainian farmer is very succinct on 150 pages, so it is safe to say that this is the first professional book on the subject in Hungarian, with Hungarian aspects added.

This book is a practical knowledge tool. From the first steps of no-till to a roughly step-by-step plan to get the results you want!

It is a must-read for any farmer who wants to break with the old, habitual, soil-exploiting way of growing crops.

Pick up the book to help you revitalise your soil!

Who are we?

We are a group of farmers, experts and researchers committed to the regeneration of arable land in the Carpathian Basin.


Regenerative farmers bring exploited soils to life using nature as a model. By leaving the ploughing, maintaining the live roots and continuously covering the surface, they create a suitable habitat for the beneficial organisms of the soil. This diverse ecosystem is the key to the healthy and sustainable functioning of agricultural soils and the survival of our civilization.” – Vitália Víg, soil ecologist

Our goal

The TMG Association aims to adapt the system of soil renewal agriculture (TMMG) in Hungary and to enable its application as successfully and efficiently as possible.

Why was the page created?

We would like to make the work of our professional organization and the knowledge accumulated by our members available to a wider audience.

Regenerative agriculture is the way of the thinking man. This is not a final destination, but a journey on the path of lifelong learning. We believe that a paradigm shift is needed for the development of agriculture and the future of humanity.

To spread knowledge even more widely and build possible collaborations, we would like to connect with other organizations and companies that consider regenerative agriculture and the renewal of our soils important.

Our farm started unfolding around 2010. We started farming without a plough: this was normal for us, but at that time we still had little knowledge of the principles of soil regenerative agriculture. Our knowledge has gradually grown over the years, based on experience gained on our lands and through continuous learning. After one of Attila Kökény's lectures, the idea arose that the fastest way to achieve success through soil renewal is to share the experience gained with our fellow farmers. After all, the knowledge forty farmers can acquire in a year, one farmer can only acquire in decades. Encouraged by the success of our annual meetings, we decided to become an organization and officially represent regenerative agriculture in the Carpathian Basin." Attila Szabó, President of the TMG Association

The time of the lone wolves is over. Why stumble alone when we can do so much more together?